Megan's Effin' Enchiladas

I make the best enchiladas. You really can't go wrong with the combination of salsa, cream cheese and green enchilada sauce. It's heaven! Except when you can't eat any...then it might be slightly more like hell. Bart has been such a good sport the past three weeks and has hardly complained that he isn't getting fed like normal. I came home today and decided to make him dinner. GOOD TASTING dinner. So I made our favorite:  My Effin Enchiladas. (We just named them today and I think it's going to stick...) They are so good and so easy to make! It was hard to not eat a spoonful of the filling like I usually do. I may or may not have licked the fork and HELLO my stomach is mad at me for it. Apparently I'm not quite ready for cream cheese (and by not ready I mean I probably won't ever be eating that delicious ingredient from heaven ever again.) 

I was just kind of struggling today and came home to pig out. I munched on celery and almond butter as I was cooking. This would be one of those situations where you would see my portion sizes and say "Hey Megan, want some celery to go along with your almond butter?" After that snack I made some Sweet Potato Fries..which are really Yam Fries but those just don't sound right so we'll ignore the true name. I then proceeded to eat Sweet Potato Chips that my bff introduced me to. Bad idea! It was partly wonderful to feel full and a tad bit sick, but only partly.

I am going to blame it all on PMS. Isn't it great that we can do that? Feeling fat today? Blame it on PMS. Grouchy? Tired? Want to eat everything in the pantry? Aunt Flow is at fault! It's a lovely scapegoat. Men don't even like to hear the word period so they won't argue with you if that means they get to stop talking about it!

yes, this is me looking on the bright side. You're welcome.

p.s. one day I will have something to blog about besides food...but until then the fat kid in me rules!

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