Corpse Pose

So after talking to my Dr. on Wednesday he said I could do easy to moderate exercise a few days a week and then see how I feel.

Well I thought Yoga would be easy to moderate exercise and I was wrong. dead wrong. I convinced Bart to come with me Saturday morning and let's just say we are both having a hard time walking around today!

About 30 minutes in whenever the instructor said "downward dog" I looked at Bart and we both had a look of despair in our eyes...eventually I had to stop looking at him because laughing and yoga don't mix.

Bart actually did pretty well with this move....his bald head was supporting him as he leaned forward and he was lower on the ground...but you get the point.

Our favorite position was the very last one "corpse pose". We could do that one all day long!

There is another yoga class tomorrow night and I'm going to go. At this point I don't care what kind of physical activity it is..I just need to do something!


  1. I had the same problem when I went to Yoga with Trent...he is not a good person to go to Yoga with. We got shushed so much that we finally had to agree to attend separately! Haha!!!

    1. Lol ya we got a few dirty looks....he hasn't been back since!



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