Summer 2013. MATH 1030- Intro Quantitative Reasoning. Grade: A

That's right ladies and gentlemen..another A in math for Meggie. This A came with plenty of tears and emotional breakdowns but I learned a ton!
I could tell you how much money you would save if your interest rate went from 5% to 5.5%.
I could also tell you if compounding interest monthly or yearly is better for your account.
I could tell you how much interest you are going to pay over the course of a loan and how much you would save if you upped your monthly payments by $100.
This all came in handy since we were applying for a home loan and I knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. Did you know you will almost pay double what your original loan payment amount is because of interest? I mean most people don't live in the same house for 30 years so it doesn't apply but still, going from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan would add a few hundred dollars to your monthly payment but take off tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) off the total amount paid.
Boom. that right there is MATH you guys. I totally got my money's worth in this class. I also ate lots of dark chocolate, cried many tears to Bart and Instagramed my feelings/experiences more with this class than any other.

Fall 2011. LING 3160- Language and Cognition. Grade: B

Ya know how I said earlier that I loved Linguistics? This class slapped me in the face and said NO YOU DONT. It was a ton of reading. Like 100+ pages of reading per assignment. That might not seem like a lot to some of you out there..but when I just have to create a Twitter account or cut a video for my other classes...it seemed like a lot of reading. The semester ended with a 12 page paper on a topic I don't remember anymore. I just remember BSing my way through that paper enough to get a C on it and pass the class. #nailedit.

Spring 2013. POLS 3001- Political Analysis. Grade: A-

What do you get when you combine a 4 hour night class with a boring topic and a foreign teacher? THIS CLASS! The stuff he taught was complicated statistics. Don't let the Political Analysis name fool you..this was straight up numbers and programs...not news stories and opinions. I really liked this professor and I thought he did a great job explaining the concepts.

There was a stupid biotch in this class that I wanted to punch on a weekly basis..but I resisted. She kind of reminded me of myself when I was younger and much more sarcastic. Was I that bitchy girl people wanted to punch in the face?!?! I really hope not and I'm sorry if that was the case.

I learned how you can figure out what is the best way to save money on your gas bill. Three things affect your gas bill..but which choice makes the most impact?  1. amount of installation you have 2. the age/model of your furnace or 3. the temperature outside. According to the research and the statistics it's the temperature outside...not the age of your furnace.. so no need to go buy a brand new appliance to save a few bucks.

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