2 Cents: #Multitasking

Hey women! I'm talking to you! Are you a mother? Even better!

Gisele's instagram picture has pissed off a lot of mommies out there..and that pisses me off.

She posted it with #multitasking and many moms are claiming she's not really doing anything, she is letting other people multitask for her.

They say she likes to rub in the fact that she is a supermom and it's hurtful and frustrating and annoying and a stab in the back for all the moms out there who look like they just got hit by a bus and dressed in the dark when they are taking care of their own babies.

I say ya'll are just jealous.

I know I am and I don't even have a little human I have to feed.

Let's be honest, if any of us/you/them were in that situation you would post a pic too! Why? Because instagram is made for narcissistic photos. I have friends who post pictures every.single.day and the only reason behind the post is to brag or show off what is happening. I post pictures like that too. It's now socially acceptable to post a bragging pic about your happy life

..unless you're a supermodel?

So she gets to breastfeed her baby when she's at work getting a mani/pedi/blow out. Get over it. She isn't saying you're a bad mom. She isn't saying all moms should multitask like her. She is just showing you a behind-the-scene pic of her life.

We all need to stop obsessing about photos like these. Give this homegirl a round of applause for looking smoking hot with half a boob out and focus on your own life.

I promise you will do just fine.

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