Spring 2011. JCOM 2160- Intro to Online Journalism. Grade: A

This class was taught my some young dude computer genius and yet I didn't learn a thing. I guess he showed me how to kind of use Photoshop and the very very basic of HTML (so basic that I don't even know what HTML means anymore). A lot of my Journalism/Communication courses could have been so much better! I wonder how much I could have learned...but then I also wonder if I would have ever used it in the real world anyway...

Fall 2011. H EDU 5300- Diversity & Health. Grade: A-

This was my first semester at The U and since I couldn't really get into any classes for my major I stocked up on classes that were higher than the 3000 level so they wouldn't be a complete waste of time and money. It was actually a great strategy because I won't be graduating with extra credits! Go me.

I really liked this class. The professor was a hard-ass-so-you-take-me-seriously type and never really cared when I had a comment to share...but the content was fascinating and it definitely made me think outside the box. It was similar to my History of Sex class because it made me think of my values in a different way. Not bad or good. Just different. I wrote THIS blog post after a particularly interesting day. (The first half of the post is talking about above-mentioned History of Sex class, the second half is about the class I'm currently talking about).

Many of my arguments/differences of opinions with Bart stem from what I learned in this class. Did this class make me a liberal? I don't think so...but it did give me a new way to look at things like poverty and the welfare system and minorities. So Left of me I know.

Spring 2012. COMM 3560- Video Production I. Grade: A

If you have read all of my 122-Hours posts than this class title might look familiar...because I had technically already taken this class but the good ol' U wouldn't accept it. Yay for me! I wish I could tell you I learned more the second time around...but I'm not a liar. In fact, the current class I am in (advanced video editing) further proves that I learned not a whole lot in this beginner course. I barely learned how to check out equiptment. (which is a pain by the way).

We did a major class project where we had to create a video and luckily I landed a pretty cool group. We had the idea of recreating "bad roommate" moments. I had plenty of memories to inspire the script...here it is...don't judge me!
We took the approach that girls never say anything each other's faces..they are just passive aggressive and complain and boys will yell at each other and get over it. Pretty good right?
-Video 101-white balance is a thing.
-Don't act like my karaoke was anything short of genius. 
-p.s. the whole sex scene with Girlfriend was not my idea but apparently it was really funny?
-p.s.s. it was actually pretty fun to film.

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