2 Cents: Anti-Gay, Anti-Christian

We have all seen/read/heard about the drama surrounding Phil Robertson's comments in his GQ interview and I wanted to link to the actual interview/article in GQ magazine because I am embarrassed with how fellow "journalists" are writing about the story.

Am I surprsied that Phil is getting in trouble for what he said? No. Do I approve of punishment for saying what you believe? No. As far as I know he didn't say all gay men should be shipped off to some island and never be seen again. He stated his beliefs. He belives homosexuality is a sin. I also believe homosexuality is a sin. I also believe everyone should be treated equal and should be loved and respected by their fellow men. But that doesn't change what I believe to be right and wrong.

I applaud Phil Robertson for sticking to his beliefs on a national level. For me to say what I believe isn't really a big deal because 12 people read this blog and my opinion isn't national news. For Phil to stick up for what he believes is brave and I have a new level of respect for him.

If you believe homosexuality isn't a sin then I would applaud you for sticking up for your beliefs too. But don't freak the hell out because someone has a different opinion and belief system than you. I don't understand this debate of one group can say and do whatever the hell they want because they are a minority but heaven forbid a Christian stick up for what they have been taught and believe their whole lives. Many Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. Many also believe that everyone is a child of God that deserves respect and love in this life. Those two beliefs don't contradict each other.

To get respect for your beliefs you are going to have to respect mine.

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