3 Day Christmas Adventures

Hello world! December has been an interesting month and I really haven't had anything to blog about. Since I suck at documenting our adventures with a camera I don't really feel the need to give you a play by play without any visual enjoyment.

That being said, we had a great Christmas. I have been enjoying 5 days off work which is pretty impressive until you talk to my teacher husband who gets 17 days. Double digits people. That lucky SOB.
Christmas Eve was spent at Barts mom's house enjoying lots of food and Christmas jammies! She gets us a new set every year and I love them. I think I have worn the pants everyday and sometimes all day since I got them!

I also made a cheeseball.....FROM SCRATCH!! Believe it. Add gluten free crackers to the mix and BAM I was a pretty happy camper.

Bart didn't think my one amazing cheeseball would be enough so he bought one from the store. Can you tell? Mine looks much tastier right!?!? There was more food than any of us could eat and in the end it was a pretty successful night.

Bart woke me up at 6:30 Christmas morning with breakfast. Not just any breakfast but FRENCH TOAST. You guys the fat kid in me just loves this time of year. I havent had French toast for 9 months and it is my favorite breakfast menu item. Bart got gluten free bread and surprised me. It was the bomb.com
 Santa brought us Despicable Me 2 so we watched that/napped before we headed over to my parent's house. 

The Bainum family does Christmas a little differently but it is how I grew up so it's normal for me. We open one present every hour. Then we clean up the wrapping and start the timer for another hour. By 2 or 3pm we get to unwrap the rest and finish everything off with a new book from my dad. This year he gave all the girls "Women and the Priesthood"by Sherri Dew. So far so good. It's much better than my rants about wearing pants and stuff :) 

My parents gave us this beautiful picture of Christ and its my new favorite thing in our home. Isn't it beautiful??? I love spending Christmas at what I still consider "home" with my family. 7 Layer Bean Dip, impossible puzzles, lots of laughs and comfy couches to nap on. It's the best!

Our 3 Day Christmas Adventures continued on the 26th as we headed up to Tremonton to visit Bart's Dad & family. Apparently going shooting is a thing and they are all into it. I tried twice....and cried about my arm...twice. I ended up in the truck with Aggie who was terrified of the gun shots.

My vacation ends tomorrow as I head back to work, but I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. I have spent plenty of time napping and enjoying the couch it's kind of embarrassing..I wasn't feel well yesterday so me and our crappy couch and my Christmas jammies hung out for most of the day.

On Tuesday night/Wednesday we get to celebrate the new year! I love New Years Day and the chance I have to think about the past year's adventures, blessings and life changes. I will do my best to document appropriately.

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