I confess!

Hello! Have you missed me?

I have been wanting to blog all month but to be honest I just don't have much to blog about.
(and the things I DO have to blog about I can't blog about yet...don't worry, eventually there will be a blog post about it )

I have been reading "confession" posts lately and I decided if I can't be creative....just copy someone else! Genius I know.

I confess I ate a full bag of "share size" skittles today. as in legit candy. the good stuff. and ya know what? I enjoyed every bite. well maybe not the last few bites...it was a pretty big bag.

I confess I was really nervous leaving Aggie home alone and having my dad come watch him. I worried for no reason of course. the point is I worried in the first place. weird.

I confess I have 4 really really really big piles of laundry staring me in the face right now and I'm avoiding eye contact. I also have a "not clean enough to put away but not yet dirty enough to wash" pile. Those 5am walks with the dog require said pile.

I confess I am really upset that Hulu Plus isn't showing The Bachelor. I usually enjoy watching my guilty pleasure but this year Hulu effed it all up! I'm left alone to read books and stuff.

I confess Bart and I upgraded our iPhone 4 and all I want to do is take an instagram-worthy pic with my new camera but no opportunities have presented themselves...

I confess that this Pin totally made me smile. I loved Spongebob and watched it all the time.

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