Bodies are a weird weird thing. They are amazing and they are confusing. You hear so many different things when it comes to nutrition and taking care of your body...

Don't eat meat. Eat locally grown meat. OK fine, meat is okay, but only sometimes. Red meat no, fish yes, chicken occasionally. Umm..meat is actually amazing and you should eat it every day.

There is no such thing as a "bad" vegetable. Well potatoes can be bad...and you shouldn't eat too many carrots. Actually carrots are good, just don't cook them. Ya, cooked veggies are bad. No, cooked veggies bring out different nutrients so you SHOULD cook your veggies.

Don't even get me started on grains. ONLY whole grains. Well multigrains are OK too...but no white flour! Well white flour can be okay sometimes, moderation! No, just cut out all grains. If cavemen didn't eat it, neither should you! Actually the Egyptians know where it's at when it comes to food...or was it islanders? Are you a hunter or gatherer? Because that matters too. 

Fruit is great in unlimited amounts...except no it's not because they have tons of sugar and acidity. Acid is good for you! No, be on team Alkaline. 3 servings is all you need, unless you want beautiful hair, skin and nails..then eat 6 servings a day! mix them in a smoothie, that looks extra healthy.

Speaking of smoothies....DONT DRINK YOUR CALORIES! unless it's a green smoothie with spinach..you can drink that. OJ yes, Apple J no. Tomato juice and soups are good, but not the best. Caffeine is bad, so is sugar and don't even get me started on aspartame! Ya know what? just drink water. only water. nothing else. 

Time to chat about sugar. it's poison in your body, you're killing yourself a slow and painful death when you eat sugar. sugar came from hell disguised as an angel from heaven. but NATURAL sugars...well of course that's okay...except it's not. all sugar is just bad. stop eating it. STOP IT! (okay fine, eat it...but only a little bit..)

See what I mean?!?! It can be exhausting and entertaining to hear all the advice. The awesome answer is "Moderation in all things" but is that even true? My body would tell you no. The 14 pounds I have lost in 6 weeks with NO exercise would tell you it's not about moderation...it's about cutting out the "crap" and eating clean. I practiced Moderation in All Things for years and never have I seen the results that I am seeing now. It's fascinating! I can't wrap my brain around it or pretend to understand what's going on under my skin where no one can see. All I know is that for 6 weeks I have been eating 100 % fresh and my body is lovin' it.


  1. haha it's totally true. The "health" world can drive a person crazy! however, I think each person just has to find what works for them, because I actually lost a ton of weight when I finally grasped the concept of moderation. Aaaaand, I can't live (happily) without my processed sugary, fatty foods. hah But I'm so glad you are feeling better and found a great, healthy lifestyle!

    1. Agreed. It's all about what your body can handle. Mine can't even handle moderation so that's what works for me. If it was up to me I'd have Kit Kats every day at this point!



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