Upon the Recommendation of the Faculty....

I would like to say that since graduating college I have been super busy and that's why my blog is silent. That would be a big fat lie! The couch and I have become best friends and I am fully caught up on all my favorite stories (aka TV shows).

As happy as I am to see that diploma in the mail, nothing feels different. I guess my education hasn't been a priority for so long that graduating just seems like the last piece of a puzzle that I have been working on for a very long time. That very last piece isn't really that exciting is it? You can see the complete picture and you know exactly where that spare piece goes. There is no mystery. no surprise. It's just the last thing you do after hours of working on that puzzle.

So for now it will stay in its package until we have a nice frame and maybe I will feel a little more proud once reality kicks in.

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