2015: year of living

I'm calling 2015 our year of "life"

Nothing major happened 
No life altering changes happened. 
We worked the same jobs and did all the same things. 
Our daughter changed and grew, but again, nothing too crazy. 

We just lived. 

And I loved every minute of it. I found complete satisfaction in my role as a wife and mother. We lived our life as a genuinely happy family. 

Looking back at past years there always seemed to be a big, life changing event. I always had a check list of stuff that happened by December 31. 

But 2015 was different, and I've never felt so content looking back on the year. I loved just living my typical life. After spending a week on Mexico beaches I have never felt more desire to go back home and hang out with my baby on the floor of my living room. 

Our days consisted of the same thing all year long. Work in the early morning. Be with my baby in the afternoon and evening. That's it. Sure there was running and cooking and quick trips and first steps taken. Food thrown on the floor. The same toys picked up 397 times a day. There were bath times and story times. The beautiful spring, summer and fall weather allowed for multiple walks per day. Fall Friday nights were spent on bleachers and yelling "Go Kearns". Non-football nights were spent on the couch. Binge watching TV and just being together. 

That's what I did in 2015. Doesn't it sound wonderfully normal?? It was. It was a perfect, typical year. 

I don't know what 2016 will bring. Maybe a checklist of changes. Maybe not. 

Happy New Year! 

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