S%$@ Bart Says

B- Because most mothers want their child suckling the teet at all times 

M- Guess what size my pants were that I bought today? 
B- Size -
M- Nope. Size - 
B- Have you ever been a size -?
M- Not for a long time. 
B- So is it just some random brand that makes people feel better about themselves because of how they size it? 

B- I need to start exercising. I went up the stairs and thought "son of a bitch" 

*talking about the red cup scandal*
B- I'm sure there were people like this out there before Facebook, but now we have to listen to them. 

B- Ya wanna know what the worst shows are? 
1. The Voice
2. American Idol
3. How I Think You Should Dance 

*talking to Mckenzie* 
B- Don't destroy books. We aren't in the business of destroying books. You aren't a Nazi. 

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