On my mind, and in my mind

Top 5 things that are on my mind:

1. I have a crazy X roommate who comes barging into my house last night and literally pounds on my bedroom door until I get out of bed and answer, only to have her ask me where the last utility check was. Uhh, in the mail like you asked- crazy %&$#@.

2. I no longer enjoy food. Yes I still eat, but none of it is processed or greasy or tasty. Food is now something that I eat when my body needs it, it is not something I do because something sounds good.

3. I would like to remind some people that while you may still feel the need to act like you are in high school, I desire no such thing, so keep your immature I-have-no-balls-so-I-am-saying-this-over-Facebook personality to yourself.

4. Sleeping in until 10 this morning may or may not be the best decision I have made all week!

5. I will forever hate doing laundry.

Top 5 things I learned at school this week
(This is something I am going to do every week to prove to my parents that I am learning lots)

1. When you download something, that means you are taking all of the information that is jumbled up, and organizing it into the sequence it should be in

2. On the other hand, when you are "streaming" something, the information is being put in order as you go along so if it is "buffering" the information hasn't gotten there yet.

3. What comes first, the criminal or the bad neighborhood?

4. You can't cut a piece of audio in Audacity if it is in "pause" mode

5. I have officially made my own website

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