No TV Week and One Long Nap

I'm on a TV cleanse again this week. Whenever I get done binge watching a show, I feel bad about myself and a little pathetic. This time around I watched all 3 seasons of Elementary and as always I'm sad season 4 isn't available...yet.

It's amazing how productive I am when I'm not watching TV. I did still watch my Monday night Bachelor, and I'll watch TV with Bart at night before bed, but during the day and during Mckenzie's 2.5-3 hr siesta the TV is off. Which means my fridge got cleaned out, my 9 loads of laundry were finished. My work projects were started, completed and added on. I have 4 books on que and I'm leaving time to exercise. I still haven't found the time or desire to blog...but hey...I'm trying now.

I don't know why, I just haven't had anything to say on here lately. Life is just life is just life. All the same and wonderful. I've calmed down on my picture taking (sort of) so I don't really have 24024 pictures from each day to show off. Macs is still beautiful and smart and funny and we love her. She might not be talking yet, but we can completely communicate with her- and it's awesome.

Her current nap schedule though has completely destroyed any hope for me to have a social life. She now naps from noon-2:30 or 3pm every day. It's wonderful and I love being down to just one long nap! But it's also hard because now I'm stuck AT HOME from noon-3pm. Right when I could be grabbing lunch or meeting up with girlfriends. Nope. No longer. Thanks Kenz.

after she woke up from a 3.5 hour nap! I was so bored and happy she woke up. She...wasn't.

Speaking of one nap a day- should we talk about that?? I mean...she used to take 4-5 naps a day. No wonder my life was a living hell. Coordinating and dealing with so many naps and each nap affected the next naps and WHY ISN'T SHE SLEEPING TODAY?? Ugh. That sucked. Even just having two naps a day was hard because the afternoon nap was totally dependent on the morning nap. There was never a for sure nap time and length. I don't even want to think about how many moments I've spent worrying/thinking/planning/mothering nap time. I'm going to enjoy this before the next baby comes along (no, not pregnant).

I've been cooking dinner every night the last several weeks and I kind of love it?? I have grown to really enjoy cooking. I'm sure Bart wishes our meals had more meat, potatoes and pasta- but they're mostly veggies. But it's been awesome to learn new ways to make healthy food taste good. I've been playing around and experimenting in the kitchen and I'm finally to the point where I can throw something together and create a taste combo that is so good- without a recipe.

mmmm cookies!

....I mean....I really don't have anything to write!! It's so sad. I thought about just getting rid of my blog, but I feel like all my thoughts and opinions might come back if/when I have another baby?? Maybe? Who knows. It's not that I don't have opinions and that things don't irritate me anymore, I just feel like I've grown up a little bit and now it's weird to voice those opinions/complaints all the time. Does that make sense? *sigh* Apparently I'm becoming old and proper and polite and stuff. Gross.

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