4AM and 4 Months Old

Oh hi there 4am. It's been a while, but the last 2 weeks or so you have been showing your stupid face again. Sometimes, like today, it's because my 2.5yo wakes up whining which then wakes up my 4mo and I have to rush in there to quiet all the chaos. As much as I love our house- there is a downside to having the kids share a room! When normally I would just let either kid fuss for a bit (and they quiet down after just a minute or two) I now have to quiet them myself in fear of waking up the other. #firstworldproblems and all that. 

I also want to know if anyone has dealt with this: Kenzie is now insisting on a binki like Cooper. She hasn't taken a pacifier since she was 4 months old but because baby brother has one- she needs one. So today she woke up at 4 saying she needed a binki and it "would help me a ton". Which is adorable at 4pm- not 4am. I told her no, she'll be ok. But man- the day I can get rid of Cooper's binkis all together is going to be a great day. I actually think I could probably do it now because he sucks his thumb. The only time I give him a binki is to get through that last like 40 minutes before his night bottle. So maybe I'll have to experiment a day without one and see how it goes...

Cooper is 4 months and a few weeks old but since I never posted an update ill just consider it a little late. 

He is ALL smiles. Just a big fat grin almost the majority of the time he is awake. It's the best! I just have to make eye contact with him and he gets a huge grin and so wiggly. 

He is rolling now- from back to tummy to back. He's a big dude and so he's different to watch than Mckenzie at this age! He's grabbing his feet and moving his body so much! It's adorable 

He's 15.4lbs and 25in so he hasn't maintained his 90th percentile from birth (mr 10.2lbs) but he's still in the high 60's. It's fun to have a big baby! He's so strong and he can't wait until he can sit up on his own. 

He's our little dream boat baby and he makes me so happy! I really love being a mom of 2! It's been the best thing ever and seriously brings me so much joy and satisfaction. 

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