Black Jack

"I work hard, I play harder"

I don't even really like that song..but it is stuck in my head because all I can think about is how much I plan on playing this week! I have one more 7 hour shift and then I am FREE!!!

I can't wait to go down to 75 degree weather and just relax. I don't plan on taking any of my stress with me and I can already feel myself starting to relax and unwind. Las Vegas is going to be SO much fun. I have been to Vegas plenty of times before but I realized I have never stayed at a hotel and here is the conversation that brought me to that conclusion:

Megan: Make me go to the gym at the hotel this week okay?
Bart: They don't have gyms at Hotels in Vegas....they have casinos
Megan: WTF?? What kind of a hotel doesn't have a fitness room?
Bart: Vegas hotels

...later that day...

Megan: Well we won't have to worry about breakfast because we can just eat at the hotel
Bart: They don't serve breakfast at hotels in Vegas babe.
Megan: I hate Vegas hotels.

This seriously blew my mind! What kind of a place doesn't have a fitness room or a continental breakfast? Apparently casinos are the only things they need. I am excited though for something totally new.

Bart tried to teach me Black Jack tonight but it didn't go so well....I am going to have to be a fast learner or I am going to lose all my gambling money within 5 minutes!


  1. FUN!! I love Vegas hotels because they always have great pools and are often connected to giant shopping malls. That's a perk :) I'm jealous...Vegas is supposed to be way warm this weekend!!

  2. Our hotel has a gym... Where are you staying?



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