Day 10- My Stocking

Describe your stocking on Christmas morning

My stocking... where to begin. First, let me describe it to you. it looks nothing like the picture i have here, i just felt like i needed a picture and this was the best one i could find. it has the head of a teddy bear. a small brown bear for a face. it is so old you can't really tell it is a bear. one sister has a mouse, one has a doll, my brother has a dog i think, i can't quite remember. ( and i will not be using caps lock because i have a cast thing on my left wrist to help it stop hurting but it gets in the way of the shift button) anyway, my teddy bear stocking is old and falling apart but i love it. it stretches pretty far so it can hold more stuff than you would think. usually christmas morning we all grab our stockings that were being hung on the banister on your way down the stairs, and wherever we put our stocking is our unofficial spot for the day. the place where we pile the rest of our things. inside is usually an orange of course, and a life savers book. but there is also other candies and then personalized items for each of us. sometimes there are tooth brushes, sometimes there is chap stick or make up. it is always a surprise what comes in my stocking, i never quite know what to expect, just the way i like it.

in other news:

i took one of two finals today and did pretty good i think. i also dominated that 9 page paper i wrote in 45 min at 3 am. i got a 98/100! i was very proud of myself when i got that paper back. i want to hang it up on my fridge. to top off my great day up on campus, i sold my book back for $51.50! was so happy. i dont remember how much it cost me at the first of the semester but who cares? fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

i have had the whole day off, besides that test earlier in the day so i took the time to do some laundry (boo) vacuum, and clean my kitchen and created a large pile i plan on taking to DI. my closet and drawers have a little more space now that i am all done. it amazes me how much crap i have. i have 18 hoodies. who needs 18 hoodies? you can only wear one at a time! i just can't get rid of stuff like that because what if i need it later? i just can't bring myself to get rid of them. i know once i get married and have to share closet space with bart i will have to get rid of a bunch of stuff but for now, my 18 hoodies are staying.

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