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I know that my posts are usually me venting about something that is annoying and those of you who I don't really know, but stalk my blog anyway, (yes I know you exist) probably think I am the biggest brat who hates her life but I am here to tell you that is not true. SO, tonight I have a list of things that made me happy today.

1. Taking the best shower this morning....perfect temperature and I didn't drop the soap 2348 times.

2. My oatmeal actually turned out really good. My waffles however, didn't...but this is about what made me happy today so we will just stick with my oatmeal.

3. It was raining as I was driving to work...I love the rain! I am excited that Fall is coming.

4. Even though I had a long shift today I remembered I don't work again until Saturday so that made things easier.

5. I made pretty good $$ in tips today.....love that.

6. I went to Bart's football game tonight, it was very exciting/stressful the last quarter which made it that much better when we won.

7. Went to Aggy's restaurant and got an amazing sandwich. It tasted just like a Chaz Bagel from Gandolfos.

8. Finished all my homework for tomorrow, and even learned a few things!

9. Realized I get to go home tomorrow to see my family who I miss on a daily basis, see my brother get ordained a Teacher, see my best friend get married, and play with my nieces I haven't seen in months!

10. Getting assigned a fun/cool story to cover on Monday!

Today was a good day.

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