12 months 12 pounds

So I was reading old blog posts and it has officially been one year since I got a personal trainer at the gym. This is actually a pretty interesting thing as I look back on what has happened since then. I have always loved being active, but when Bart and I met that activity level went waaaay down and the scale went up a little bit at a time. I finally decided last October that it was time to improve. I was in pain all the time from cutting hair and just not being active in general. My body hurt like an old lady and I hated it. 

Getting a personal trainer was the best thing I ever did. Not because I lost tons of weight (because I didn't) but because she taught me good habits and techniques that have led to my eventual weight loss. It was actually really depressing at first because the scale wasn't going anywhere every time my trainer took my measurements. Even the inches weren't going away. The number that was going down was my body fat percentage, and I realize now how important that was. 

By the time my 12 weeks were done, I had maybe lost a few pounds on the scale. My body measurements were hardly down and I was feeling pretty discouraged. I stuck with it though, and a year later I am down 12 pounds and 2 pant sizes. Pretty great right? I know some people may look at that number and not be too impressed since it's been a full year. But because I lost it slowly, and the right way, it's not coming back. I can eat out with our families and not go to the gym because I'm busy and the number on the scale doesn't jump up and down. I went from barely being able to run a mile, to running a 10K (which sucked, but I did it.) My body hardly hurts anymore (and yes, a lot of that is because I'm no longer working in a salon) but Bart pointed out that I have had a lot less health issues this past year, and that's really the most important thing.

I have been lucky to have enough self esteem that I have never hated my body. I realize what an amazing thing it is, and all that it allows me to do. how can I hate something like that? I wasn't happy with myself last year because I wasn't taking care of this amazing machine. Of course I love being back into my smaller jeans, and having the muscle definition that has been gone for a long time, but the main thing is that my body is healthy and I'm finally taking care of it the way I should be.

Bart and I mentioned the other day that our weekends now consist of races/running/exercise and active things, compared to eating out and going to movies, which was the main thing we use to do. I am really lucky to have someone who is supportive, I couldn't have done any of this without the help from him. Having something to do together, like running, has given us something to share and enjoy together.

Weight loss and being healthy isn't something that has a "completion date". It's a way of life. It's not 21 days of eating certain things and then going back to all of your old habits. It's not exercising every day for 2 weeks and then not going for the next 2. It has to become something that is just part of your day/week. It's sooooo much easier to sit on the couch and eat everything you can get your hands on. Most days changing into my workout clothes is depressing because I would rather take a nap. Of course I feel great after, which is why I will do it again tomorrow. 

I am so proud of Bart and I for this past year, and where we have come. Bart has seen amazing results (losing 30 pounds and running a half marathon) and I am so happy for him. This past year has rocked, and I'm glad I don't have to "start over" in January because I gave up.

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  1. That's so awesome, Megan! It definitely feels great to be healthy and LOVE your body, because bodies really are so amazing. So glad you stuck with it!



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