1:26 A.M

I should be sleeping right now except for the fact that all of a sudden my body decided to freak out and have some sort of a allergy/asthma attack so I am sitting here waiting for my medicine to kick in so I know I am not going to die in my sleep tonight.

Bart and I went and laid out on the trampoline tonight and looked at the stars because he lives in the middle of nowhere so the sky is so clear and beautiful. Looking at the sky kind of freaks me out when I start thinking about just how big it is and then I start thinking about space and how it has no end and it just blows my mind. The world we live in is amazing and it is the most obvious proof we have that God lives and loves us.

....I really think I might be dying! I can't breathe, my head is starting to hurt from sniffing so much, and did I mention I can't breathe?

I really love ice cream. Really love it. My favorite is chocolate ice cream with almonds mixed in...lots of almonds. I love the crunchy contrast with the smooth...I am not much of a cake or doughnut person but I will never pass up ice cream..

Okay well I guess that is it for tonight..another successful I-can't-sleep-so-I-am-going-to-blog-about-it blog.....You're welcome. :)

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