Toolbox Theory

So as Bart and I were at Raspberry Days up at Bear Lake and I decided I wanted to conduct some sort of a social experiment while we were up there and these are my results... (and yes these results were found while I was following these boys around....we were bored don't judge me.)

Just to set the scene for you this is how it all got started. As we were in line to get some raspberry shakes we saw about 18 guys all around the same age and who all dressed the same as well, now to understand why I wanted to do this little experiment I need to describe these young men to you.

These boys all had one or more of the following:
  • Stud diamond earrings the size of grapes
  • Shorts that are 3 sizes too big
  • Jerseys worn NOT at a sporting event
  • Hats that are worn for anything but blocking out the sun
Now this on its own may or may not be a bad thing except for the fact that there were literally 18 guys and TWO GIRLS

Correct me if I am wrong gentlemen but I thought the whole purpose for your existence was to find a girl and get some you-know-what...along with succeeding in your life and all that too I guess...however, I still think it is really weird that a group of guys spent the entire Saturday night with no girls.

Let me make something clear to you boys because I feel like I know a thing or two about what girls like and don't like, and yes I know I don't speak for everyone, but I speak for most ladies when I say this, if you look like a tool and hang out with your other little buddies in your toolbox then no girl is going to be interested. I guarantee if there was a guy in that group that wore pants that fit and a shirt that wasn't made of nylon he would be getting all the attention. 

Girls like guys who dress well, shower regularly, and who don't tend to wear more jewelry than they do. Girls like guys who are man enough to not act like ass-holes just because they are with their friends. So boys, next time you see yourself surrounded by a ratio of 9:1 you should probably take a real long look in the mirror and see if you belong in a toolbox.

Now that being said...I love you all and try not to get butt hurt if you are currently wearing a jersey. :)

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