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I absolutely LOVE a clean room. I love an organized room. I love a room where there is a place for everything. I love a room that isn't cluttered with stuff on every shelf and on top of every dresser. I love a room that is relaxing......No matter how much I love this, my room is usually none of these things.

Tonight though....it is.


 My new room is tiny....like I bet some of you have my size of a room as a closet space. However, tonight it is clean and organized and I am not going to complain.

I have always liked organizing space. I liked doing it for our game closet.  You all probably have had one at one point in your life...it is that closet filled with blankets, games, movies, that half sewn scarf, an art kit, garbage that kids have just thrown in there as they were "cleaning up", old keys, and dirty socks. That is how I remember our game closet anyway. I remember always hoping mom wouldn't look in there as she was checking off my chores. (She always did). I remember no matter how many times you cleaned that dang thing, in a week it was just as full as before.

But if I was in the right mood..I loved to organize it. I loved throwing all the crap away (or as my sister says, " it's not crap, it's crappy stuff"). I loved that no matter what system you had, the movies NEVER stayed organized and the games still ended up on the floor. Organization is one of those things that get worse before it gets better. Sometimes MUCH worse. This stupid game closet would take up our entire family room when I was trying to organize it and I am sorry to say I don't know if it looked much better after I was all done anyway.

But I find cleaning and organizing things relaxing. It is therapeutic to me. Put me in a dirty room when I am angry and I will come out feeling better, and you will have a room that has never been so clean. I may not be a good cook (yet) but I can clean a room. I have my mother and sister to thank for that. See my sister HATED cleaning. She hated it so much that if you said dishes 20 Ft away she would scream and slam a door. My mom and my sister fought about cleaning every.single.day. and that is why I have them to thank for my skills. As they were fighting...I was cleaning. I learned that cleaning is much easier than fighting with my mom so I just did it, and I did a good job so I wouldn't have to do it again. So thank you Mom and Jenny :)

My clean room makes me feel a bit better about the upcoming week/semester. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed about everything that I have going on but I can't think of anything I would want to cut out so I guess that is a good sign? I know I can do it, it is just the unknown that freaks me out sometimes so if anything I just want next week to be over so I can calm down a little.

It kinda makes me nervous that when Bart asked when he could take me to dinner next week the only night I could say was Monday, and when a girl needed me to do her hair all I could tell her was Friday morning. But everything worked out because I get to go to Red Lobster Monday and I am doing her hair tomorrow instead. That's the thing about life....it always works out.

One thing that isn't working out tonight though is my hunger issue. I have been STARVING all day. Easy solution right? Wrong. I have eaten everything. Healthy. Not healthy. I have probably had about 3 gallons of water (because when you feel hungry, there is a good chance you are just thirsty)  and yet here I am with my stomach grumbling. I would go make me a quick unhealthy-but-sure-to-fill-you-up-snack but wait, I DON'T HAVE A MICROWAVE. A microwave is an essential part of my food pyramid and I don't quite know what to do without one....grow up and learn how to cook I guess.

I am kind of in the mood to see how long I can make this tonight. I use to do that with voice mails....with a few select lucky people whenever they didn't answer their phone I would leave a rambling voice message until it kicked me off and sometimes I then proceeded to just call back and continue on with my message...it worked out well for me because I got a chance to be funny, plus people started answering more when I called. Perfect.

Okay well I am off to read or fold laundry or something because you really shouldn't expose your eyes to a computer screen right before you go to bed because it messes with the neurons in your brain or something like that......

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  1. Hahaha! Just for the record, you (being the family, esp. dad) would say "crap" I would say, "not crap, stuff", then dad would compromise with 'crappy stuff'. To edit out all the middle part, I, too, began to just say crappy stuff. :)

    And I am glad someone learned something during the fights I had with mom about cleaning....so you are welcome! (Love being the oldest!) And just for the record, it was easier for me to freak out about cleaning than to actually do it. Cause when I did do it, there was ALWAYS something wrong with my way! Luckily I've changed a bit, but some things you just never live down. :)

    (Oh and in case you can't tell, this is Jenny.)



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