Friday Night Lights with Rudy, Rocky, and the Titans.

So last night I somehow got tricked into watching a Football movie AND Bart's highlights from his football years. (He won State his Senior Year and apparently that is a big deal?) Just kidding Bart I had a good time watching you and your blonde curly fro and braces....so cute... :)

Football and/or any sports movie is exactly the same and it is kind of entertaining at this point to watch one because you can already guess what is going to happen. 

It starts out with a troubled town, a troubled self centered player, an underdog team and/or a stubborn unorthodox coach who no one believes in. (Stop me if I am wrong). It then goes on to practices where at first the team is really bad because they can't work together as a team because they all have issues with each other. The coach gets frustrated to the point of sometimes almost giving up when something magical happens and all of a sudden the players unite under a better cause and start to play well. 

Then of course they start winning games and the attendance to said games increases because the town suddenly believes in these kids again. However, somewhere in the middle of all of this a tragedy happens and the kids start to go back to their old ways. This is usually right before they play an undefeated team that all have super fancy matching jerseys (usually black) and they all look the same and the coach is really tough and no one thinks they can win.

This is usually the part where the coach goes to the main student/athlete and talks about how much he/she reminds them of themselves when they were younger and how they had to overcome the same things and it made them a better person. This of course inspires the player and he/she goes on to inspire the team and that said team goes on to either win the championship by the last few seconds of the game after many mishaps, or lose at the very last game, but if that happens it is okay because they proved to themselves and everyone else what they were capable of. 

And they all lived happily ever after.....


  1. wow i think you have a better handle on sports movies than the writers do. at least you know they are all the same. the writers like to pretend that theirs will be different. still, the blindside was really good

  2. Lol! Oh Megan, I love your blog. And PS I love your new pictures! <3

  3. A few things: First, You begged me to go get the highlight video so you could see my curly bleached fro. Second, You know I'm a coach right? And Third, Sadly everything else you said is completely true.



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