Mr. Smith

Yesterday was one of those days at work that I have the need to blog about.....enjoy.

First of all I would like to introduce you to Mr Smith. Mr Smith comes into my work regularly to get a hair cut, however he refuses to give us his name or any other information. Even though we tell him we only use it so we can find him next time he comes in, he won't give it to us. Instead he just says to call him Mr. (Realllllll clever). So Mr Smith came in today, and yes, I know who he is when he comes in because when I didnt and would ask him for his name he would be so rude to me and make me feel like that was the stupidest question there ever was. Mr Smith is the kind of man who gets the biggest kick out of being rude and getting a reaction out of people, now that I know this, I can handle him much better. Our conversation today went a little something like this.

Me: "Okay come on back Mr Smith"
Mr: "You remembered my name this time?"
Me: "Yeah, I got sick of you yelling at me every time I asked for it"

Me: "How are you wanting your hair cut?"
he looks at me like I am the stupidest person on the planet
Mr: " I don't know"
Me:  "You're right, stupid question"

in the middle of the hair cut..
Mr: "You got hair on my face"
Me: "Imagine that, you getting hair on your face during a hair cut.....weird."

finished with the cut...
Me: "Okay how does that look? Is that short enough for you?"
He just stares at me
Me: "You're right. Stupid question"

...and that is how you deal with smart ass people....be a smart ass right back...

Next up on my list of the most annoying things that happened to me today. If you are getting your hair cut and they ask you how you want it, DO NOT just say shorter, all I want to say when people tell me that is well no shit sherlock that is probably why you came to get your hair cut. But of course I can't say that to them, so I will say that here. My definition of short is very different than your definition of short...so be specific or I will just shave it all off.

Number three.....when I ask you how much you want cut off and you say "a good inch" what does that mean exactly? Is a good inch just 1 inch or do you mean more than an inch, and if that is the case, you would say two inches. If it is longer than an inch, it is no longer considered an inch.....just to clear that up.

Now the next girl I am going to talk about is definitely going on my top 5 people I hate most, keep in mind she is 16-17 which kind of will explain her behavior. I call her name to come back, she just heads straight for the back, passing me (and my chair) until she gets to the back of the salon and realizes she doesn't know where she is going so she comes back to find me. Once she sits down in my chair, she slouches as far down as possible, crosses her legs, and starts texting. Luckily for me she has a birds nest in the top of her hair, aka "a poof" so I proceed to comb that out (not gently) once I am done with that I finally ask her how she wants it cut and of course she comes up with the clever response "shorter". In the middle of our conversation she puts her phone to her ear and starts to call someone the next thing I know she is yelling into her phone saying "AREN'T YOU GOING TO TEXT ME BACK??!?! COLBY???" and then she hangs up.....(I am assuming this poor boy told her that he would start texting her back) 3 min. after that, as I am trying to cut her hair she puts the phone back up to her ear and calls someone else. She then proceeds to explain to the person on the other end that her and Colby are in a really big fight right now because of the stuff people are saying about them at school and "like yeah, she's like taking care of it."

If my children ever act like this in public...I will drop them off in the middle of nowhere and never come back.. :)

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