Technical Difficulties

So the power went out last night for a few hours around 8:30...too early to go to bed but too dark and stormy to do anything  outside so........Bart and I played Uno.

Now, this may not seem like a very exciting/blog worthy event, but have you ever tried to play Uno with a color-blind person in the dark when you only have a flashlight but you still can't really see anything? I didn't think so.

Our game went a little something like this

-there is a blue 3 on top of the pile-

-Bart puts down a green 7-

M-"it's blue babe, you put down a green"

B-"Oh, well what is this color?" (holds up card)

M-"blue, you can use that one"

-the color changes again-

B-"what color is that?"

M-"red, Do you realize how funny this is playing Uno in the dark when you cant see colors?"

B-"Don't make fun of me, it's a handicap"

And the rest of the game went along those lines. It was a very funny and entertaining night to say the least. Plus, Bart beat me at cards....which NEVER happens.

 Somewhat bright pictures because of the flash:

This is what it really looked like inside my room

it was the most fun I have ever had in the complete dark!

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