douche with the keys

i have the biggest DOUCHE in one of my classes. he not only wears his keys on a key chain attached to his belt loop, but he wears his hair like Elvis and tries to sport the skinny jeans. (key word: tries). He also drops the F-bomb like nobody's business. He said I can just "get the F%&$ out" of class because I said the interview we watched with Chris Farley wasn't funny. seriously? i didn't even respond to him, making him look even douche-ier. as he walked up to the front of the class for something I turned to the guy next to me and he's like "i don't think I have ever met anyone who I want to punch so bad in my life" he's a joke, and an ass. to top it all off, he plays Mario in class. So basically here is this guy that was made fun of all growing up because he is a geek that is obsessed with video games and doesn't know how to socialize and now since he is older he decided he was just going to hate the world and be a dick to everyone that threatens him.

there is also another kid in class who is being the biggest whiner about the quizzes we have every morning. If you are late, you don't get to take it. Sounds typical right? Well apparently this guy has gone through his whole life never having to be on time for anything. EVERY SINGLE DAY after class he asks our professor about doing the quizzes, he says even if he leaves at the same time every day he can be late. Her response? "Well that sounds like life to me" EXACTLY! what is he going to do if he gets a big boy job? complain and whine about having to be on time? just shut the hell up and either be on time or miss the points. everyone else in the class manages to be on time and guess what, if we aren't, we miss the points too. it is not a big deal, stop being a child.

also, both of these boys say like, like, every other word. Like they can't like seem to get their point across without like saying like. you sound stupid. i am so happy i have a husband that threatens to punch me in the face if i say like in the wrong way (figuratively speaking OF COURSE)

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