White Collar: Party for One

Sometimes my life is fabulous and I have nothing to blog about.

Sometimes it's not, but I'm usually not around a computer/don't have enough time to blog about it.

So which is it today?

not really either one, but I am still in the mood to blog about something.
maybe if I type enough I will get some inspiration on what to say
I sat around for 5 hours watching episodes of White Collar today when I should have been doing homework
but come on, can you blame me, he is really hot.
I even legally bought some episodes when all the ones on Netflix were watched
go me and no piracy.
wanna know something kind of sad? it's 9:12 pm and I will probably be in bed within the hour
...and something sadder than that? I like it.
Bart is nowhere to be found, off doing who knows what with that brother of his, hopefully he makes it home.
oh, and I completely did NOT dominate my talk today. i dont even remember what i was saying, i just know i was saying it too fast. i HATE public speaking. i am a writer, not a talker (to big crowds). my talk was B.A. on paper and even if i did get that A in Public Speaking, i still hate it.
school has been very uneventful this semester so far.
all of my classes are going to be great except for my World Music class. for our midterm we are going to have to listen to various music from around the world and be able to describe it using music jargon. i may or may not fail....
well another legally downloaded episode is finished so i am going to continue to be a lonely couch potato.


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