I couldn't even, like, control my laughter

So as I am sitting in my World Music class a few girls sit directly behind me and talk THE ENTIRE TIME. These ladies didn't whisper either. Now I know what you are thinking, sit in the back and you will be next to talkers right? Except I wasn't in the back, I was in the 6th row of the huge auditorium! The teacher is hard to hear in the first place which is why I like to sit closer. So since I couldn't hear or pay attention to my professor at all thanks to the chicks behind me, I decided to be a creepy stalker and type down what they were talking about. Each new topic is in a different color, and each new line is the other girl talking. The main girl will be in Bold

These girls were stupid, and here is my proof. 

He tweeted her. It's like your so dumb. 

Does she ever like tweet him back or anything? 


Is he ugly? 

No I think he's cute.

Have you not noticed that I am so oblivious to everything around me?

This picture of Meradeth she took this picture with my phone and it's supposed to be a creeper picture.

She is just digging for compliments. 

I know

If I could punch anyone in this room I'd punch you.

She doesn't like me. I don't like her and he said that's what you said and I was like no and he would be like I don't hate you but he's just like I think we could be friends (I typed this word for word. Like I said, stupid.)

I hated Nikki and I don't even remember why.


I'm in class Yo 

No unfortunately it's chase hunsaker. 

Who's that? Hot boy?

No I'll show you .hes like way nice but. He won't even accept my friend request he's so retarded.


You don't think anyone likes you. 

Because everyone was mean to me, well maybe I was mean to them, 

ya you were mean. 

I liked beig mean in high school it was fun. I was never like out right mean to your face. 

Ya you spit on my car. 

No I didn't! I never did that. 

The only person I was really rude to was Lauren, I wassoooo rude to her. She like talked to me on FB and was like why do you hate me?

Did you think I liked -boys name- because I remember you did and I totally didn't. 

Meradeth would talk about me like I was a mean girl. Like I was invited to a party and I don't go because I was mean. 

Oh my gosh are you kidding me?

Everyone wanted to be your friend and just started making up this stuff like you're like the queen and we are the peasants so I just used that story. I was like meradeth do you realize what you just said?

It was so funny I couldn't even like control my laughter. 

People used to like brag about being my friend.

What I concluded from all of this was that these two girls went to high school together but weren't really friends and this was the first time they had really gotten together since then. I have to admit it was a pretty entertaining way to spend my class time, but I am really hoping I don't ever have to sit in front of them again.

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