not born to run....yet

yes, ANOTHER post today!

So I'm reading this book, Born To Run, and it's pretty bad ass. There are a group of indigenous people in Mexico who are super runners. They just live in this community with no currency or jobs or crime or anything like that, and run. Like, for 48 hours straight. The reporter who wrote it does an incredible job telling all of the stories. As I was waiting for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for my project to render today (see previous post) I got to read a lot of it and needless to say it pumped me up. Not only was I pissed about the project, my friend Sarah sent me awesome music AND I'm reading this book? I felt pretty unstoppable....until about the 1.5 mile marker and then I was feeling pretty stoppable. 

It's crazy how easy it is to run on a treadmill but once you hit the pavement it's a whole new ball game. I know I go faster outside and there are hills and that damn head wind that always likes to join us for our runs. I wasn't feeling like an Indian runner for very long....actually I never really got to that point in the first place, but I am hoping to get to my version of it one day.

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