Pinky Promise

Sometimes I have to spend my Spring Break in the library finishing a project. It kinda sucks, but it went rather smoothly today. At this moment I have both of my braces on my wrists, making it somewhat difficult to type, my brain/body is also really really tired so that is making it somewhat difficult to type as well.

So I went to the professional cosmetology store to get some color and other needed things, and I felt like a 45 year old hair stylist who didn't know anything. I didn't recognize any of the color lines that were being sold.
I don't buy color for 6 months and everything gets changed on me? Once upon a time I really loved doing color, now not so much. I still really like doing it for my friends and family, but I am just glad I don't have to do it to anyone else because there are so many ways a hair color job could go wrong.

Speaking of hair color jobs, mine is ugly and fading and I need to do something about it ASAP. I also need to do something about my foggy tired brain.

I am also sucking up the photo a day thing, I will get caught up tomorrow. pinky promise.

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