PC-MAC Showdown

No school for a whole week! (which only equals 2 days for me but still, it's a big deal)
I also didn't tell work I have no school (Caitlin, don't tell on me) so I have Tuesday and Thursday all to myself. And by that I mean I have to do a complete project for my convergence class because I lost ALL my footage.
-note to self, do NOT plug in camera to PC when doing all your work on a MAC-
why can't these two just get along? Because their constant fighting screws me over big time. So while everyone else is gallivanting off I will be up on campus doing my project. gross.

I was a total beast in my classes today, because I really need a vacation. Spring Break seems to come at the perfect time! Even though I won't be going anywhere next week, Bart and I are planning on going on an adventure during HIS Spring Break which is April 1-7 so get ready for those plans (which aren't made yet).  I sat outside on campus in the sun today for a few hours because I had time to spare and I was NOT going to spend in on a computer. It was incredible feeling that sun on my face, I think I even got a little sun burned! What a fabulous feeling, I can't wait for spring, the sun always makes me a happy happy girl.

I talked to an adviser today and if all goes according to plan I will graduate in DECEMBER! I can't contain my excitement. I thought maybe I will just take an easy load for two semesters and graduate in May, and then I came to my senses and thought screw that, I will just finish in December.

 9 months, I can make it 9 months....right?

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