Factoid of the Day: cooking is stupid.

I was going to make this watermelon thingy but the watermelon wasn't hard enough. it was really ripe and squishy so it didn't really work and got all over my counter...and floor....and self. oh well. Watermelon is delicious in many forms so I ate most of it anyway.

it was probably a good thing the dish didn't work out because it also included cucumbers which I love, but Bart doesn't. he also doesn't like watermelon. See the issue? I was this close to being that wife. "here my love, I made this dish that has everything you don't really like in it and I'm going to expect you to eat it anyway." I clearly dodged a bullet

I am currently listening to Rise Against and it's making me feel like I'm in high school all over again. can I just say how happy I am that I'm NOT in high school? Seriously. High school was the worst people. I still get panic attacks if I even have to get close to that stupid building.

I have this basket of laundry that has been staring me down all afternoon. I can just sense the clothes getting more wrinkled by the second. but let's be honest, I have never once been concerned about the wrinkle-status of my clothes. Wanna know why? Because I'm the girl that still cuffs her jeans like she's 10 years old. I also wear shirts with stains on the them, and if there's a kinda-sorta-but-not-really noticeable rip in my shirt I will still probably still wear that too. My shoes are also old and ugly. One day I will have a grown up wardrobe, but for now I will continue to cuff my jeans.

Have you ever tried to eat just one salt water taffy? because I am making the declaration that it's impossible to eat just one salt water taffy. want to know the greatest thing about salt water taffy? you can eat a blue one, then a black licorice one and then a yellow one and you still have a great taste in your mouth.

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