days off

I'm still in no mood to blog. why?? don't ask me because I have no idea. This past week I only worked two days so Bart and I had plenty of bonding time. Which is good because my work schedule for the next two weeks sucks so bad! We were trying to figure out a time to get together with friends and it's not happening until those two weeks are over because I'm basically going to be living at work. yay!

But like I said, Bart and I enjoyed each other

we set up a mattress pad complete with sheets and pillows in our front room and watched movies. Red Tails and then This Means War--we kind of had a theme goin' on--

we played arcade games where I proceeded to kick Bart's trash in most games--except the safari one, he killed those giant bugs like a BOSS

we also enjoyed some nappage. can't have days off without a nap right?

we went to the Jordan River Temple and it was lovely and just what the doctor ordered

we saw Brave which is so freakin cute. I LOVE the sound track and I may or may not have teared up a little bit --don't judge!--

so after today I work 10 of the next 13 days...which may or may not equate to blog posts.

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