so you know how I told you I would rather be doing other things than blogging lately? well that's still the case.

all is well in Bart and Megan land, except Bart just slipped in a puddle of water and pretty much broke his toe and is crying loudly about it while I try to watch This Means War (greatest movie)

we ran our 10K and it was really hard. it was a lot harder than I thought. i may or may not have cried on my mom's shoulder after. don't judge me. it was hard and hot and i had all sorts of emotions running through my veins. it took about 5 hours after the race for me to even think about putting my tennies on again. i think this month i am just going to work on my speed, not distance. but at least we can check that off the list right?

the 4th of July was a blast. my niece is cuter than yours, and I still want to kill the dog upstairs. like i said, all is well in Bart and Megan land.

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