Split Personalities

Since accomplishing my goal of running a Half Marathon I have taken a step back from running...mostly because I needed a break from training...and Bart got too busy with football to run with me...and the couch was just too dang comfortable...and because a few weeks later my foot started hurting.

The couch and the football and the feels-like-broken foot made me kinda lazy the month of September and first of October. I gave my foot a few weeks off, doctor's orders, but once I started running again it would hurt within just a few miles. No bueno. It didn't just hurt when I ran...it hurt for HOURS afterwards. As you can see, my couch was just looking better and better.

The last few weeks I have been trying to amp up my game a little bit and after talking to some friends today I realized I just needed to push through the pain and go a little further than my typical 3-4 mile runs. As soon as I got home today I changed into my running clothes and hit the pavement. If I sit down for even a minute it's that much harder to get out the door!

I was happily surprised that my foot was feeling good today. That was about the only thing that felt good. My shoulder...my neck...my hamstring. WTF? Before I started I made the goal of 5 miles and by mile 1 the mind games started. One personality just wanted me to turn around and head back to my trusty couch. The other personality kept me going, determined to accomplish the 5 miles. Isn't it interesting that the thing that holds us back is usually our minds? My body could have gone all afternoon (until I hit the last few miles uphill..then it was pretty much toast) but I physically I felt good. My lungs were peachy and it was a beautiful afternoon. My body aches eventually went away and I was enjoying the sunshine and my Step Up Soundtrack (don't judge).

I'm proud to say I ran the whole 5 miles today despite my alter personality wanting me to stop every step of the way.

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