Strong Wind = Strong Trees

Day 20, : Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

When I think about my life, and where I'm struggling, I send a little prayer to the Man upstairs and say thank you. My problems and struggles are so small compared to others! I am truly blessed in my life and I believe all struggles make us stronger. A part of my very favorite poem says:

"Good timber does not grow at ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees"

So what is the wind in my life? What am I struggling with? Well I'll tell you...but only because the blogger challenge says so :)

I have blogged about these things before so I apologize if this seems like a repeat! My blog, my rules :)

When I hear "struggle" my mind automatically goes to my Hashimotos and the life changes I have had to implement. But my mind only goes there for a second. I don't live every day with a heavy heart "struggling" with my disease. Do I think about it every day? Yes. Has it changed my life? Yes. But am I learning to live with it? YES!! Some days are harder than others. Yesterday I really really really wanted a Dr. Pepper and Kit-Kat. Instead I drank my water and munched on almonds. It seems such a silly thing to struggle with and sometimes I feel like struggle is too strong of an adjective for my experience. In my mind struggling indicates an inner hardship and pain...something deeper than my carnal cravings for sugar and chocolate. I look at my diagnosis as such a blessing that I have a hard time calling it a struggle in the same breath. I do struggle to find a balance. I am supposed to weigh myself regularly but not become obsessed about weight. I'm supposed to start exercising, but not too hard. I can start branching out with foods, but not too far.

I can honestly say I understand what the term "life changing" means. I have never experienced anything life changing before.  Moving out was not life changing. Getting married was not life changing. Starting my career was not life changing. Not when I compare it to Hashimotos. Nothing has ever consumed so much of my time and thought process. I guess you could say I'm "struggling" to find a new normal for my life. Is cooking 3248 cups of brown rice every few days my new normal? Will I always get a little frustrated/teary eyed when ordering at restaurants? Will I spend time every morning and night taking supplements? The things that weren't in my life 11 weeks ago are now regulars...and that takes time to adjust. 


  1. I struggle with the same temptations related to foods and nutrition. I started the elimination diet, self imposed, 6 months ago and it has been the most beautiful love and hate relationship.

    1. I admire you for being able to do it on your own! I would have an even harder time sticking to it if it wasn't for "medical reasons". Good job!



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