Hi my name is Megan Bowen and I'm a Millennial.

I was born in 1989 and 'grew up' in the new millennium. I took the "How Millennial Are You" test and scored 94 out of 100. Aside from having lots of tattoos and piercing, I'm a pretty typical 23 year old. I have boomeranged back into a parents home earlier this year as Bart and I saved up for a house. According to these theories and statistics I am pretty standard.

And yet I would argue that I don't act my age...or if anything I'm on the pretty mature side of the spectrum for 23 year olds (for 19 more days). I am married, an-almost college graduate, working 40 hours a week at a job I went to college for, complete with 401K contribution and paid vacation. Within a year at my job I got a promotion and now enjoy an office in The West Wing (yes, that's what we call it...be jealous). I'm responsible with my money and respect my elders. All in all I would say I'm doing pretty great.

So why the hell do people feel the need to bring up my age at work? It's annoying. I could act like other Millennials and take 7 years to graduate college while still living with my parents...or having my parents pay for my gas money. I could be blaming the government for the job situation and claim poverty but still expect to have everything handed to me. I could be bitchy and gossipy and not do my work. I could expect stickers and awards for simply doing my job. I could wait around and not do anything until someone specifically gave me something to do. I could channel my inner 14 year old self if you wanted me to. I would be happy to "act my age" at work.

If I make a mistake at work it's not because I'm 23. It's because I messed up. If I get upset at a coworker it's not because I'm 23. It's because you're an ass hole and I'm tired of it. If I cry it's not because I'm 23, it's because I'm frustrated and don't like men yelling at me. Whatever I do or not do has nothing to do with the fact that I'm 23. Will I be better at my job in 10 years? Absolutely. Do I have a lot to learn? Of course! Judge my actions, my leadership skills and my work ethic. Please don't judge my age.


I have spiky hair, I say amazeballs and totes delish. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, AND Blogger account. I watch Grey's Anatomy and reality TV. ....what did you expect? I'm still only 23 :)

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