Responsibility is shooting me in my broken foot

I come upstairs to get started on homework. Because I'm responsible like that. Too bad my technology isn't on the same page as I am. My hard drive won't ready any of its files. NONE. The only way to do the work is to open up the video files on the hard drive. ...the hard drive that won't open anything. See the issue? I emailed my professors and the members of my group hoping someone else has their hard drive to lend me. So much for being an overachiever and getting things done early.

Plus...I may or may not have broken my foot. okay...it's not broken...but it hurts like hell and I can't walk much less run on it so it might as well be broken. I went out for a run this morning and 2 miles in Bart had to come save me. I was limping my way down 3200 West (and NO ONE stopped by the way. I was clearly in pain and NO ONE stopped. You suck residents of South Jordan) and luckily Bart was home to come get me. I've been icing it and limping on it all day. Who knows what happened...maybe it heard Bart and I talking about running a full Marathon and got mad at me. Low blow foot...low blow.

I am also taking offers for anyone who wants to come decorate my beautiful new house for me because I'm not crafty and have no idea where to start. 

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