A few things...

I am a firm believer that if a bird can eat it, it's not littering. I throw my apple core out the window because birds can eat it. You're welcome for feeding the birds.

I really hate it when people bring up my age at work. I realize it's a great thing to have a job like mine at my age, but it wasn't handed to me. It wasn't a gift my daddy gave me because he loves me. I worked to get there. I know no one can say anything about me being a woman because that's considered sexist. I would like people to stop saying stuff about my age because that's sexist too (and by sexist I mean ageist??). either way..stop bringing it up. I appreciate the opportunities I have, but outside of a Higher Being, no one has handed anything to me. I have worked to where I am, and I will continue to work to where I go. I earned it and I deserve it. Me being 23 has nothing to do with it.

I am still struggling with adjusting my life and eating habits. I realized all the food I had taken to work today, combined with my breakfast, only totaled 600 calories. It's not realistic! I feel like I have to eat everything in my fridge every day to get the amount of food I should be eating. I'm still losing weight because I'm just not getting enough to eat. It's frustrating. I come home and eat half a block of cheese and a dark chocolate bar because I just need the calories. I can't figure out a way to balance a grocery budget because 90% of what I can eat is fresh food and I'm eating pretty much my whole stock of groceries within just a few days. I know it's not a huge problem....but it's my current problem. and I'm struggling with it.

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