January goal: 72 hour kits

I wanted to start off 2015 by finishing our family 72 hour kits by the end of the month. It had been on my mind a lot lately and my dad mentioned everyone getting one. I might be dense sometimes, but I can take a hint from the Guy upstairs when I get it enough times! 

Before Mckenzie it wasn't a huge priority because I just thought Bart and I could tough it out a few days if we needed to. Then we had a baby and there is this mini person that depends on us for EVERYTHING so I can't really die during a disaster or it leaves her all alone. Do you see my line of logic here? Anywho, she was my biggest motivation and we got it done. 

I did some research online *cough Pinterest cough* to see what should go into a 72 hr kit and to say I was overwhelmed is the understatement of the year. First of all- how the eff am I supposed to fit all that into ONE BAG?!?!? Let's be real. And I'm sorry, but in an emergency I probably won't care if I have a razor or not- you all will just have to deal with my hairy legs. These kits aren't meant to create the perfect environment during an emergency, just help us get through them. That being said, Bart will probably leave me on the side if the disaster stricken road when he sees that the only thing he has to eat are Cliff bars. At some point I WILL add some variety.

My kit probably doesn't include everything it "should" but I feel safer and a little more prepared having these in our garage ready to go! 

My biggest concern is the whole water situation especially since Mckenzie is still on 100% formula and you can't have formula without water!! The web says a gallon a person a day and excuse me but how are we supposed to carry 9 gallons of water on our person???? I need to get a water purifying system probably. Yes. I'm on that. 

So anyway, now there are three backpacks ready to go if something happens and I have helped our family in a little but important way. The rest of the year I will work on building our food and water storage. One goal at a time peeps! 

Next up: February. My goal was to run the Dog Days Half Marathon on the 21 but I got injured and had to take almost a month off. I'm not going to push my body into another injury so I have accepted that goal isn't going to happen. So instead I am going to adjust (because that's real life) and I will say that I want to run and get my training back on track and shoot for a half marathon in April. 

P.s. I LOVE  these two so much!! Even when they both ignore me at lunch for a basketball game 

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