Things a working mom (me) wants you to know

I made the choice to go back to work. "Have to" and "want to" are the same thing in my book. I always planned on being a working mother and when the time came the choice was made easily. 

Even though it was my choice, it was still hard. I cried daily the week leading up to my first day back, and I cried daily my first week. I haven't cried about it since. 

I really like my job. I don't really think about my baby when I am working. Every once in a while I will miss her and stare at pics all morning long- but that's the exception. I am good at what I do and I stay busy at work. 

I really love my baby. Obviously the love I feel for my daughter is a different love that I feel for my job. It is possible to love both. Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the week. No work and all baby. 

Just because I can't come to 10 a.m. Thursday playgroup doesn't mean I want to be excluded. Being left out doesn't feel good when you are 15 or 25. 

I don't look down on stay at home moms. I don't judge stay at home moms. I wonder what the day looks like for a stay at home mom. I'm curious- not judgemental. 

I'm not too busy for friends. My schedule might look a little different than yours, but I am a lonely new mom just like you. 

I'm too busy for friends. (Sometimes) 

I don't really have any hobbies. If I'm not working I am taking care of my baby, my husband and my house. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I take a trip to the grocery store by myself. Sometimes I read. I don't craft, bake or...craft. 

I go to bed early because I'm really tired. My day starts very early and is filled to capacity. I'm sure yours is too. 

Bottom line? I'm just a mom too. The fact that I work isn't the biggest piece to my life. 


  1. I hear ya Megan!! When you are a working Mom, people think you are too busy to be invited to things. Definitely not fun at all. It's taken a long time for me to get friends to realize... hey, I work till Noon, then I'm bored out of my mind! Call me when you are doing something!

  2. Loved reading this! I think so many people can relate to this. As someone who isn't a mom I have even felt similar things! You rock, and you are an amazing Mom and career woman :) Much love girl, XO



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