Road trips, solid food and ball pits

and just like that 2 weeks go by and there is radio-blog silence! I have had a lot of "I should blog about that" moments over the past 2 weeks- just not enough moments to take the time and write them!

First thing is first- All date nights should be on Thursdays.

This is not from our Thursday date- but we didn't document that so this one will do

Bart and I went out sans baby and it was so much fun! It was fun because it was on a Thursday. We went downtown and I repeat- it was only fun because it was a Thursday. Bart hates crowds. He gets anxious and annoyed and -insert other negative feelings here- so we NEVER go downtown. Every time we head that direction I immediately regret my decision because my husband is the grouchiest old man ever. Except apparently on Thursdays. We went and watched "Meet the Mormons" at the Josheph Smith Memorial Building. I know we are like 2 months late with seeing it- but I loved it! It was really fun for us to watch the story of the football coach and I think it really helped Bart see how balance can be achieved. I loved it when the coach said the Lord might not care about my team winning, but these are my crops and he cares about me and wants me to be able to take care of my family. I left the movie feeling so much LOVE.

After the movie we walked to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. The waiter told me I look like Kaley Cuoco and Bart tilted his head to one side and half nodded. The cheesecake was also delicious.

As expected Rice and Beans January hasn't been as hard as previous years. We just don't go out enough in general to miss it. The movie we went to was free and I had a gift card to get some cheesecake. Gift cards are the bomb.com. That being said- I want to buy one of THESE when February rolls around. We make zucchini noodles on the show a few weeks ago and they were SO GOOD. I have seen them around the interweb but after tasting them for myself I totally want one of those gadgets.

Last weekend Bart and I had Friday AND Monday off together so we made our way down to St. George. My BFF's birthday was friday, her son's 1st birthday was on Saturday plus my grandma lives down there and a few of Bart's step-siblings live down there. It's the perfect (and free) place to go when we have a few days. Plus gas was $1.89!!!
We are really good at this road tripping thing

How fun is this? A ball pit at a b-day party

Daddy loves his baby girl

Best friends and little babies! I love this woman in my life

Baby jeans- they get me every time.

My friend Sarah and I have never lived close to each other since we graduated hair school, but whenever we get together I am so thankful for our friendship. One day we will live close enough to see her more often.

I really loved getting the chance to visit my grandma this trip and see her interact with Mckenzie. The oldest and youngest living members of the Bainum family tree. So special!

I have decided to feed Mckenzie solid food based on the Baby Led Weaning method. It is right up my parenting style alley. When my pediatrician gave us the OK to start feeding her solids around 4 months we attempted the pureed baby food but Macs wasn't into it and it wasn't fun for me to sit down and feed her like that. It was several days before I even remembered to try again. I stumbled on baby led weaning and it immediately appealed to me. The idea is that you don't start feeding your baby solid foods until they are 6 months and when you do start you feed them regular people food. Nothing pureed, mashed or spoon fed. Independence is my baby love language so I bought the book and learned more about it. I will write a whole post about it because I have LOTS to say. For now here are a few cute pics to ease your curiosity

So there you go- a little update on our life lately. xo

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