Hi Baby: 5 months

Hello my darling baby,

You are 5 months old today! I can't believe that only 5 months have gone by since I found out you were joining our family THAT NIGHT. I still remember how miserable I was feeling having contractions and being super preggo. I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no idea what your cute face was going to look like or that you would have big beautiful blue eyes and CHEEKS!! I didn't realize that those first several weeks would be the hardest of my life and the several weeks after would be the absolute best. I didn't know you would bring me such absolute joy and purpose. I didn't realize what kind of happiness was waiting for me.

Now I get to enjoy every inch of you every day. I get to squish those cheeks you still have and look into those still big beautiful blue eyes. We snuggle and laugh and play all day long. You started rolling from you back to your tummy a few weeks ago and now roll over 50% of the time. You end up on your tummy and then start moving around in a circle. You are discovering new parts of your body and what you are capable every day and I love watching you learn.

You love to just watch everything. You are the most focused baby I've ever met. You will look around for several minutes just taking everything in. I try not to disrupt you if you're staring off into la la land- I want you to grow up and day dream whenever your little heart desires!

You aren't sitting up on your own, but you love to be in the sitting position. You can do crunches better than me at this point when you're trying to get up a little bit more. I think you will be sitting "early" because of how much you prefer that angle.

I think you have dumped your binki! It's so crazy for me. We use to have to make sure there was a binki in every room and every pocket but you've rejected it for your thumb. I should probably care a little more that you are sucking your thumb now- but it makes you happy! and of course it's a little easier on mama to not have to put it back in your mouth when it falls out.

My most favorite thing about you right now is your baby chatter. 70% of your wake time is spent talking/yelling/squealing and it's the cutest thing ever. I can hear you talking to your daddy when I'm upstairs trying to get work done and it's the best distraction I've ever had. You have the sweetest voice and when you squeal and laugh and smile at us our hearts melt all over again. You have the funniest little smirk that reminds me of your cousin Ameri and makes me smile every time.

You sleep 12 hours at night and take great naps. Now that you're sleeping 12 hours at night I don't really care what your days look like- but you are still going strong with 3 naps a day. You are like your mom and dad and love your sleep! It pretty much makes you an angel baby that every mom wishes existed. You are a great self-soother and even when you wake up at night you stay quiet and fall back asleep on your own. You play in your crib until we come get you in the mornings and I find you laying there with your thumb and a smile waiting for me.

You aren't eating too much solid food. I am going to spare you the process of purred food via spoon and just let you start eating "real people" food when you are old enough. It seems much more my parenting style and let's be honest- pears just aren't made to be eaten that way! Your drool production seems to have doubled this past month and I think I feel a little tooth starting to make its way into this world. You aren't super fussy about it (yet) but you are gnawing on everything you can get your chubby hands on

You are the happiest baby. You are definitely getting more opinionated and loud when you don't like something, but it's pretty easy to sooth you and get you happy again. You hate getting your boogers suctioned out and I think you're going to have a complex someday because we have to do it multiple times a day. You have never been sick thank goodness, you just always seem to have a stuffy nose! You don't like trying to poop and your poop face makes daddy and I laugh out loud every time. TMI? Well it's freakin' hilarious and worth mentioning. You still love bath time and getting your belly kissed when I'm changing your diaper.

I could write on and on about you and your life right now. I love this stage so much!! I can't put into words how much I love being around you and love being your mom. Your smile and cheeks light up my world.

Stay strong sweet girl


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