Mastering Motherhood

When it comes to chores, you gotta do what you gotta do. Baby can't sit up without falling over eventually. Solution? Put her in the basket! (With me this far away of course)

Sorry not sorry I snap a pic of my baby's poop face. She just decided to poop at the exact moment she looked too cute to NOT photograph

Speaking of baby and poop- took her to a work meeting. she only cried when she was trying to poop. how lovely for everyone.

Keeping your baby in too small pants because you don't have to time to change them. sausage legs for the win!

Not reading a bedtime story because I'm really just not feelin' any of her books these days.

Annoyed that baby can now push your hands away when trying to suction boogers. No!!!

Really really really loving her 6:30pm bedtime so I can just sit on my butt and do NOTHING.

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