6 Months with Baby Macs

This past month Mckenzie has grown and changed so much!!! I have absolutely loved this past month and time seemed to slow down for just a second.

A few mom-noteworthy things 

- two teeth!!! Wahh??? She never really got grouchy or fussy over it and all of a sudden she has her two bottom teeth. I swear they popped up over night. I mean she has been drooling and "teething" for a few months now, but since her demeanor never really changed I didn't think much of it and BAM now they are here. 

- can sit up on her own. This also seemed to happen over night. She was doing it with support for a week or so and then we were visiting her cousin and she did it all on her own. Since then she has only gotten better. I still like to keep something behind her on the floor in case she falls right back- but usually she just fades over to one side after a while and gets bored with sitting. She loves laying on her back and grabbing her feet. Still can only roll over from back to tummy and then gets stuck on her tummy until she gets rescued. 

- she doesn't feel the need to chat/squeal/yell all the time now, but she will still get chatty sometimes. She now will laugh and giggle even when she isn't being tickled. 

- loves to "eat" solid food. Tries to grab food off our plates and is getting better everyday at eating on her own. Recent foods have included cucumbers, a pumpkin cookie and green peppers. 

- still an amazing sleeper at night. Goes to bed between 6-7 and we start our day at 6am so I go in and get her. She wakes up happy and smiley. I think she is dropping her evening nap. Correction- this week she dropped her evening nap. I don't really know how I feel about it but I don't complain about her day sleeping because she sleeps through the night and does so good at it. She goes down for naps really easily and will just find her thumb and fall asleep. Go ahead and hate me now- because my baby is an angel in squishy pink skin. 

- has the funniest expressions and personality. Bart and I were guessing what kind of kid she is going to be. I think she will be pretty easy going, until she gets uncomfortable- then she will get mad quickly.

My favorite things right now

- laying on her bedroom floor on Saturday/Sunday mornings playing 
- bedtime snuggles 
- going to her crib and have her be smiling up at me awake and READY!!
- evening playtime with giggles and wiggles 

I love her so much! I can't wait for the next 6 months and to see what changes are coming our way 

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