2 Cents: "Real mom, real life"

My baby is sleeping. My husband is working a basketball game. I should be doing laundry, taking a shower and exercising. But here I am. You're welcome.

I read "No, You're not more of a "real" mom because your house is messy"  and I have a few things to say.

1. If everyone shuts the eff up about mommy wars- will they go away?

2. That being said, I appreciated what this writer talked about. Yes, sometimes people's lives are just as happy, clean, crafty, creative and fashionable as they make them look on instagram and facebook. We shouldn't bring moms down because they choose to take the time to look really good every morning and put makeup on. Or choose to take the time to exercise. Or have a clean house. etc etc etc

So what's "real life" for me? What am I not exaggerating when I post things on my interweb-world?

1. I have a very happy marriage. Those pictures and funny quotes and banter via FB between Bart and I- that's 100% real. We are funny in real life. We joke and play around and love each other not just for the enjoyment of the internet. We are best friends and spend 90% of our free time with each other.

2. I take the time to clean my house. Not because I'm OCD, not because I think it makes me a better wife and mother. Not because I'm worried someone will come over and judge me. I clean my house because I like having a clean house. It takes 10 minutes and I can relax when everything is clean.

3. My house is clean, but I probably have 39485 piles of laundry. Clean and/or dirty- laundry is the bane of my existence. Tonight I folded one basket of laundry, ignored the other clean basket and separated dirty laundry into 3 new piles that I will probably not get to for a few more days.

4. I get ready every morning for work- but on the weekends I don't get ready. I don't dress my daughter up in fancy clothes that are tag-worthy on Instagram. My baby is not a baby model or "brand rep" (or whatever it's called). She wears cheesy onesies that say "100% sweet" and "mama's girl". I'm not a fashionista. My daughter isn't one either.

Do these things I just mentioned make me "more of a mother". No. They make me a person. We are all people. Why does the internet feel the need to differentiate between "people" and "moms" like we are some kind of weird extension of actual humans? I don't like the title of this story for that reason. But I do appreciate what it's trying to say.

....and now I guess I'll go take a shower because sorry not sorry but it's been several days since I have washed my hair and it's starting to be noticeable....

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