Sassy photo shoot

I have more photos because...well...do I need a reason?

Earlier this summer I made a new friend and it's been so much fun hanging out with her and her darling baby who is just a few weeks older than Mckenzie. She has a business Doodle & Dee and makes these rompers and other baby clothes. She gave Macs one for her birthday and I was so stoked! They are so dang comfy and Mckenzie was able to play and run around all day without any kind of bands or restrictions on her chubby legs or belly. I may or may not have to order 10 more :)

When Chantel and her hubby and babe were over getting their hair cut we had an impromptu photo shoot since Mckenzie was wearing her romper. I'm totally in love with these pics. She had just woken up from a nap and was giving us her best sassy face.

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