Daily Dose of Energy

My body never ceases to amaze me! The last several months I have been feeling pretty crappy. Not horrible, but I didn't have a lot of energy. I was needing to take a daily nap AND be in bed before 9pm just to hopefully function the next day. Since I wake up between 5-6 a.m. I just assumed that was part of the reason for my early bed time. But I was feeling overall frustrated with how I was feeling, specifically with my Hashimotos. It felt like I was so fragile and every little thing was throwing me into a flare up.

I finally got some blood work done and it turns out my thyroid was ridiculously low! Like, almost double the number for the low range. No wonder I felt so bad! The thing about Hashimotos is that it affects the thyroid pretty aggressively and I guess I never really got back on the right dose of thyroid medication after Mckenzie was born. Yikes!

After I started taking the increased dose of medication I noticed an instant difference and almost thought it was a bad thing! I was still use to taking a daily nap, but when I got into bed at 9pm I wasn't able to fall asleep for a few hours. Immediately I thought that must mean the dose is too high, but I stopped taking naps and things got a little better. I still wasn't falling asleep until after 10 or even 10:30pm (and anyone who knows me knows that's really late in my book!). Finally Bart said something that totally struck me. He said my body was so use to functioning at that lower level, that it got use to needing all that sleep. Now that my body is functioning at a higher level it doesn't need as much sleep- which means I don't need to go to bed as early. Ding ding ding! As soon as I adjusted my bedtime to be later I was back to falling asleep pretty quickly.

I definitely feel a lack of "thyroid" in the morning when I wake up and I just want to stay in bed, but once I'm up and take the dose and get going for the day- I really do feel great. Now I sometimes take a nap, but more for relaxation than for necessity. ;) I am feeling so much better and I love that sometimes it's just a little tweak that can get everything working again!

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