Mexico Beach Bodies

I did it!! I finally convinced Bart to take us on a beach vacation. We're talking 6 days  at an all inclusive resort with unlimited room service, a beach outside our door and did I mention no baby?

It's going to totally rock.

Almost immediately after booking our getaway Bart said, "We need to start working out, I don't want to be the fat guy on the beach". Which- amen and amen for both of us. I have been exercising pretty regularly but I always love exercising with Bart so I was all for finding something we could do together and help motivate each other.

Enter: INSANITY. I got the videos back in March and did the Fit Test, had a big L-O-L that's not happening and never looked back. Bart dug them up and now...we're doing it. We are on day 9 and OMG it's freaking hard. INSANELY HARD (see what I did there??). Like: dripping sweat, smelly body, sore muscles, can't breathe hard. Those first several days we could barely make it up the stairs and crawl into our beds to hopefully die. Muscles we didn't even know we had came out with a vengeance. I learned my hips are SOOOO weak and Bart's calves hate him pretty much every day. And I am totally loving it.

I think being a runner has made us a little more patient in the "how long do I have to feel like this" category. Sure, we can't breathe and our muscles are about to give out- but it's only for a few more seconds. You can do anything for a few more seconds. I know I learned that from running. Training for those 9, 10, 13 mile runs- it gives you the mental toughness to keep going. And now we are taking those lessons and putting them toward this crazy hard home workout.

At the end of the workout when we are going through the last 5 minutes of stretches we are panting and dripping sweat and I say "it was really hard- but now it's over". That's the thing about hard stuff- it always ends eventually! This lesson when it comes to fitness is so important to me. It's like when my mom taught me how to clean she always said "Megan, you can always wash your hands". Meaning it's OK if your hands get nasty when you're cleaning something, use your nails to get that crusty thing off the floor- you can always wash them when you're done!

I'm rambling- but you get it. Right?

Basically all I'm saying is that Bart and I are going to have BEACH BODIES by the time we hit the beach in December and you better believe I'm celebrating with unlimited room service and tiny bikinis.

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