Birthday Recap and more baby thoughts

Football season has officially begun (I swear I've said that like 8 times now but since school is starting too it reeeeeally means it's football) which means I'll probably have a new blog post up every day because  
1. I'm by myself without by bestie to talk to and no good TV to watch (YET!)
B. my baby is in bed by 7:30  
3. I no longer have to be in bed by 8 
D. I have 598234 random thoughts running thru my head.

We celebrated Mckenzie's birthday on Saturday and I loved every minute of it! Our families and friends came over for a suuper causal party and I really thought it turned out great. It really means so much to me that we have such amazing family that love Mckenzie. One of the best things about having a child is seeing the rest of your family welcome them into that love. We sang happy birthday and she gave us her best "not impressed" face and after a solid minute of just touching the frosting, Kenny double fisted her cake and even offered some to Bart.

her face the entire time we sang "happy birthday"

She will no longer smile on command- it was nice while it lasted!

playing with her friend E

obsessed with the balloons (and in this pic stuck)

I was emotional earlier in the week about her turning one, and bawled my eyes out writing her birthday letter, but since then I have been good. I am just enjoying her and not thinking too much about how fast time goes. Just in this last month she has turned into so much more of a little person. She obviously understands what we are saying to her. She goes to the front door when she wants to go outside (which is 3885 times a day). She is so dang smart and it's amazing to watch her everyday become more aware of what's going on and figuring out who she is, and how she fits into this big world.

We went to her 12 month check up. She weighs 23 pounds and is 28.5 inches long. That puts her about 72% weight and 23 % heights. Bart is now convinced she is going to be a little person, but I remind him I'm 5'2'' and I do just fine. The doctor says she is perfect and he's amazed that we have never had to bring her in for any kind of illness. It's been such a blessing to have such a healthy and happy girl.

favorite toys: tooth brush and tylenol bottle

we rarely wear pants. you're welcome.

She's officially a walker and doesn't crawl anymore unless it's in the grass because grass is hard. It really feels like my baby is gone and I have a toddler now. She's a speedy little demon and loves walking down the sidewalk. We go on multiple walks a day and on the weekend we take even more! Luckily the weather has been cloudy and not too hot. She still goes barefoot, but only because the shoes I bought her still haven't come in the mail. Hopefully she accepts them and doesn't demand to be a homeless looking baby for life.

I know I make her sound like an angel baby (because she is) but that doesn't mean we already have our fair share of tantrums around here. I'm trying really hard not to just laugh at them (because baby tantrums are hilarious) and remembering to acknowledge her frustration and ask her what's wrong. I know one day she will be able to tell me, but for now she's quite the drama queen.

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